2006 to 2007

*Scribing at Tafelberg High School

*Literacy classes at the Bonny Town House of Safety

*Annual December kids fun day


* January 16th – Peter Pan Down syndrome school, Maitland – Literacy  


* Training workshops for volunteers 19th July to the 4th August.

* 10 June – Training course on “ Childrens act awareness programme.

* 24 June – Literacy award for contribution and training of literacy skills.

* 29th July – Training workshop for volunteers attended, regarding; Devices for children with intellectual disabilities.

* 5th August – Training workshop attended; Life Challenges children with intellectual disabilities face.

* December 25th-26th – Kids Fun day at Kenilworth.

                               – Open day for all children

                               – Sponsored by “The Next 48 Hours”


* 15th January – Literacy lessons at Peter Pan down syndrome school.

                    – Sponsored books to erect a Library.

*  May – aftercare management course

         – Reading lessons at Willa’s Project in Retreat.