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The Read and Write (R.A.W.) Literacy programme was developed for children with learning disabilities and those in need of a little extra help with reading, comprehending and writing the art of the English Language.


The R.A.W. programme is supplementary to what is being taught in class. The usage of English newspapers such as the Cape Argus and the Cape Times will enrich the child's vocabulary, reading skills and language use. Magazines will also help the child understand the world of advertising and consumer needs.


The main aim of this programme is SUCCESS and ACHIEVEMENT and if by the end of the day, one child has accomplished good from this, then this programme was SUCCESSFUL and had ACHIEVED it's GOAL.


Should you be interested in being part of allowing a ray of light into those little hearts, kindly contact me on 083-7927836 or e-mail me on roxanne@readandwrite.co.za